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Casting Questions DC have to answer

Batman v Superman is nearly upon us but then again so is Captain America Civil War! We are spoilt for choice but a luxury to us fans is a worry for movie studios as fans can choose to side with one or the other. This means it is essential that Warner Brothers make Batman v Superman a smashing success, or risk killing the franchise’s fantastic potential before it has even started and releasing it between a reliable hit such as Civil War and the recent sensation, that is Deadpool, has come with significant risks. Moving the release date so as to not directly compete with the overwhelming moviegoers favourite, Star War: the Force Awakens, was always a smart move, but I am convinced there is only one thing standing in the way of Batman v Superman blasting its way to a successful franchise development; and it’s a big one…the casting. Although, its not just one or two roles, oh no, I have concerns regarding half of the justice league roster which is terrifying considering the Marvel equivalent, the Avengers, has proven to be a master stroke in almost every role they have filled.

My first concern is the most talked about one; Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor. Now Eisenberg does not fit the stereotypical image of Lex Luthor and that is fine, this proposed image is in-keeping with the comics and sets up a potential arc for the character in future movies. However, my issue is that I cannot see a young, small and excitable ‘kid’ to realistically present himself as arguably Superman’s greatest adversary. What I like about previous portrayals such as Kevin Spacey and Clancy Brown, in several animated movies and TV episodes, they have a tremendous presence and aura about them that makes you forget that they are just intelligent, rich and manipulative humans and go a long way to diminish the perception of invincibility of Superman. I will have to be convinced that Eisenberg’s character has these qualities in order for the character to be a success in the franchise.

My second concern is Jason Momoa as Aquaman, a greatly underrated comic book hero, who could turn out to be the stand out member of the Justice League if done correctly. However, I cannot remember hearing Jason Momoa speak, or at least extensively, in any role I have seen him play; he has always been relatively mute. Given that Arthur Curry is a King of Atlantis he will not only have to speak but do so with tremendous presence and command great respect and power, which is a massive jump up from what I have seen before. This may only be one element to the portrayal of a character and I am pointing out singular floors, but this is such an important part to the character itself that it could undermine his own movie as well as his Justice League involvement.

A quick note on the rest, I think Warner Bros. nailed it in Man of Steel when it came to casting the roles, I was a huge fan so no fears there. I like Ezra Miller, I honestly think he can bring a depth to a Barry Allen character and make an audience understand, better, why someone would become a hero. Ben Affleck, comes with a heavy burden to recover his reputation in the comic book hero genre after…unsuccessful previous endeavours, but he is a good actor and is perfectly capable. Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, I do not worry about the casting as much as the acting itself because the role is incredibly demanding in order to get the feel for the character right; she isn’t just a model with a sword, she is powerful and elegant and almost ignorant of here inherent beauty and is confused about how it affects the people around here. These qualities would be so hard to match for anybody taking the role, if I could ask one thing…she should keep her natural accent, it gives the character an exotic impression to an American audience and clearly highlights she is from a different culture with different values, not just an adopted hero. There’s my two cents on a matter that could be pivotal to the success of an entire series…I look forward to being impressed!justice-league-concept.0.0


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