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That Civil War Trailer!

Ok! Let’s be honest, we all know what that trailer was all about…“Hey everyone”. Saying it, as much to the audience and fans as the warring avengers, was our friendly neighbourhood Spiderman! Yes! We finally see him! And didn’t we all think unanimously…that suit seems a little rubbery? Hmmm…oh god please don’t make me dislike Spiderman. But worry not my friends, for on closer inspection, and numerous YouTube rewinds, that suit is far cooler than initially appears. The material, when zoomed in on, is much more like the material we were hoping for but probably as fine and detailed as we would expect a Tony Stark costume to be, and when coupled with that outrageous, but lovable, red colour gives us that nacho libre, Mexican wrestling feeling we were all being a bit uncomfortable managing. So phew! Besides this the trailer unfortunately does not really get us anymore excited than we already were, apart from some subtle clues as to the plot and some awesome looking sequences; Ant-Man on an arrowhead and Scarlett Witch binding and controlling The Vision (please no Fifty Shades references, especially with their history), we are probably seeing roughly 5-10 seconds before or after the sequences in the original trailer. So nothing really new. However, this is a safe bet from Marvel, and a solid production and marketing strategy because its still more interesting to ponder what has been left out. Namely the plot. We all know the concept of civil war and our heroes fighting, but there is surely a whole other story going on here as in the Russo Brother’s previous movie The Winter Soldier. What is the role of Crossbones? What is Baron Zemo going to be up to, and what does he look like? Does Cap die? Who else dies? Hydra must be kicking about here somewhere too, and personally I want to see the Red Skull! Just throw us a curveball you’ve been hiding Marvel, just this once! Plus how are the characters of Black Panther and Spider Man actually going to be played because we’ve had one word and that is it! So this trailer doesn’t really give us anything other than a brief heart attack regarding Spidey’s spandex, but it is misdirecting our attention onto our heroes whilst the villains are plotting against both Team Cap and Team Iron Man, which makes it very good marketing from Marvel, all-be-it a little less exciting for fans, not giving too much away; something DC have recently taken criticism for. So that is my two cents on the matter and I hope it is of value to you!Captain-America-Civil-War-Teams


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