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Why Bizarro must be in BvS!

Now I know what everyone is saying and I am thinking it too…there is just too much in this movie already! Just hear me out. Bizarro has to be in this movie, reason: to satisfy fans of both Batman and Superman! Batman fans will say that Batman could totally beat Superman and Supes fan’s will believe it’s a no contest. However, from the Warner Bros perspective, how can they satisfy the very premise, or at least the title, of the movie and not upset either group of fans? Answer…Bizarro. By using Bizarro it gives Batman an opponent, Superman-like, to outwit and defeat therefore giving weight to the movie title, but as it is not actually Superman, Man of Steel fans will not be left angered at how he could go down to a mere human! Leaving the situation with a…maybe next time sort of feel. Plus there is the mixed response ‘the introduction of Doomsday’ has received, not just to overfill the movie itself but this is the character that kills Superman! And it is surely too early for that! Solution, give him Bizarro to chew on, if Doomsday stamps him out, again the movie somewhat follows the line of the comics. Finally, there is how this movie is being promoted, it is neither strictly a Batman movie nor is it attributed exclusively to the Man of Steel franchise which says to me, “don’t be surprised if the actual Superman does not get all the screen time” just someone who looks like Superman…well if its not a bird or a plane then it must be him right? There is also the fact that “Superman” is standing behind Lex Luthor in the trailer when Lex claims ‘if man won’t kill God…the devil will do it”, which is confusing to say the least if it truly is Supes, but this has been widely discussed. So that’s my two cents, I hope it has value to someone!bizarro-superman


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