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After Infinity Wars…what next? Because infinity can’t go on forever.

I am certain I am just like every other superhero fan out there, looking forward to Marvel’s climactic end of Phase 3 two-part movie sequence; Avengers: Infinity Wars, but the question remains, protruding through all this excitement…what will happen afterwards, assuming Thanos doesn’t succeed in destroying the universe? My money is on a movement away or even abandonment from major movie projects by Marvel, despite there apparently being a strategy to release movies until 2028, and instead focus on developing smaller ideas such as their TV characters, who are developing brilliantly. This is because Kevin Feige, Marvel and Disney have several issues to contend with which prevent them from continually pursuing big superhero features.

Firstly, the actors themselves, not only are they contractually limited to do a set number of movies but many of these contracts are running out, therefore several big characters are going to be exiting the stage. Now continuing without them is difficult, because audiences love and identify certain characters and seeing them go may result in reduced interest. Marvel could renegotiate contracts but then that makes the project less cost effective and removes the significant financial gains that have followed the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

There is also a problem from a writing point of view that the movies, up until this point, have been structured in three parts and by design are intended to complete the story arcs of the characters they follow. This means that it will be difficult to reignite a character’s story and set them on a new path of growth and development after their story has already completed once.

There is also the problem that the excitement for super hero movies will eventually die down and demand will follow leading to less revenue and positive reviews, therefore making it less successful and profitable. This would also be prevalent if a character’s story were to be reignited as it would be “more of the same”. There isn’t just boredom from the audiences but boredom from the actors themselves, these guys are artists and want to create and work on new and exciting things but Marvel projects are notoriously demanding and time consuming, therefore they may not want to continue their roles.

They are also going to be competing with DC’s Justice League, and whether you are Marvel or DC or both attention is going to be taken away from Marvel at least to some extent and so reduces the audience size they can reasonably distribute to.

So apart from stand alone movies such as an ‘Inhumans’ movie, Ghost Rider and Fantastic Four have even been rumoured, or a continuation of the Guardians of the Galaxy totally separate from the Avengers world, I cannot see Marvel setting up any major movie projects, either a continuation of the Avengers or something like, after the conclusion of Infinity Wars Part 2. Therefore more concise TV shows or stand-alone movies may well be the way forward.

If I could have my way…I would want a DC/Marvel movie cross over. I know, I know, the distribution of rights makes this outcome almost impossible…but a fan can dream. My reasoning to say it might happen would be that I cannot see Marvel having any other worthwhile movies to make after IW2, DC are rushing their Justice League series and are set to complete this phase by 2020, so the JLA will be set up by the time IW2 finishes in 2019. It is one of the few superhero related movies that would get fans excited even if interest is down, it would be an almost guaranteed big money movie even to push the record of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, it would also be a natural progression and epitome for both movie franchises, and it has been done in the comics and the Spiderman agreement shows that different companies and studios can work together. These are interesting points worthy of consideration but the rights issues alone are one of the biggest issues in the movie business plus it also relies on DC/Warner Bro. Justice League being a success.

Anyway, sorry to ramble, just the thought of it is exciting, but this is my two cents on the matter, hope it is of value to you guys. What do you think will happen? Will Marvel fade into memory? Continue with its trusted formula? Actor continue in their roles? Recasts? What do you think? What would you like?infinity war.jpg


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