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The Great Potential behind Tom Holland and Spiderman!

With this the third rendition of Spiderman in the last 15 years and the rights to the character being licensed back to Marvel, I don’t know about you guys, but I am hoping for a very new Spiderman. The first step has been crucial, casting Tom Holland as the famous web slinger screams a new approach to me because not only is the more youthful Mr Holland a more accurate age for Peter Parker it opens up opportunities to approach the consistent themes, that we have had repeated to us over the course of five previous films, very differently.

Here’s what I want to see. I want a more intense approach to “with great power comes great responsibility” for starters. He is meant to be a teenager, thrust into a world of violence, crime and now global, or even galactic levels, of Avenging. He could be the prime example used by the writers and directors to exemplify the notion General Ross asserts in the Civil War trailers, that ‘people are scared’. I want to see him terrified, as a teenager, who has suffered as much as him, would be, cowering in a corner, frightened to turn off the light in fear that he will spend forever in the dark. Then using a slow realisation that he has the power and ability to change things and make them better; understanding that he cannot afford to be scared when others, who are less able ,are scared, powerless and at other’s mercy; creating a responsibility to protect them. This could also link to his adoration for the Avengers and how he perceives their heroism and lack of fear. So really, I want to see him learn and experience this famous phrase rather than just hear it and couple it with a sense of vengeance; it really is so powerful and with a more convincingly young actor they could identify with it far more intensely then they have in the past.

I also want the nature and content of romantic relationships for Parker to be altered as the movies took them too far away from his actual age. The dynamics and intensity of some of the relationships in the previous movies have really taken away from who Peter Parker is in the comics. Maybe this is because a love dynamic is essential for successful movies but I would rather they now portray his female interests using emotions such as fear and jealousy rather than passion and love as these are very mature emotions and are too soon for a character of his age and limited movie plot development. I mean I don’t know too many teenagers who, over the course of a two-hour movie, are so enraptured by someone that they are willing to die for them, I would like to seem him develop an understanding of what that notion really is rather than just do it…its senseless.

What I did like about the much criticised Amazing Spiderman movies was Garfield’s cheeky/witty, sometimes snide, remarks which are a staple of the character which didn’t really come through as strongly in the previous series. This could also be used in regards to his romantic endeavours, as he could hide behind humour. Nevertheless it is an absolute must.

So that is my two cents on the matter, what would you like from this new Spiderman? Was Tom your pick? Would you have liked to see Garfield or Maguire reprise the role, or just leave Spidey out of the Avengers universe altogether?tom halland


4 thoughts on “The Great Potential behind Tom Holland and Spiderman!

  1. something else that u can see in other films is that everybody seems to be expecting this kid to be sacrificing so much to be protecting mankind. i want them to actually show that it is purely his own decision to do what he does.

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  2. Tom Holland was not necessarily my pick (mostly because I would have loved for them to go even younger), but the fact that he actually has the dexterity to move like the character has won me over. Otherwise, I can’t wait to see a proper teenaged Spider-man! I never like TM in the role, and while AG had way more talent and passion for it, I am okay with finally seeing it portrayed by someone closer to the proper age. Plus, a proper reboot makes sense.
    I actually hope that they lay off the love story at least for one or two movies. He is a teenager, leave him be. He shouldn’t have more than a fling in passing. When he is in college, we can introduce Mary Jane again.


    1. I agree completely, teenage years are about discovering yourself and the world around you, it’s meant to be big and scary at first but you’re not meant to take it too seriously and just learn; which Spiderman personifies really. Lay off the love story and let’s see some actual character development! Thanks for the read you make some great points!


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