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Zoom, The Flash, Jay Garrick, Hunter Zolomon…there’s so many theories it’s hard to keep up!

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Now I know that many weeks have passed since the reveal of Zoom’s identity on the Flash TV show but I want to give my two cents on the theories surrounding who this guy really is. I mean, he looks like Jay Garrick but can he actually be Jay Garrick? Currently there are theories involving the Velocity serum Jay was taking separating him in two, the good and the bad and another theory says that this is a future Jay Garrick who has time travelled from the future to change something in his past. There is the reverse flash theory, who Professor Zoom becomes in the comics, using his identity-assuming technology and another that this is a Jay Garrick from another Earth; Earth 3 perhaps. My two cents though, is on the twin theory; that Jay Garrick has a twin that he is unaware of, consequently there are four Jay Garrick looking characters in total on Earth’s 1 and 2.

A lot to take in but hear me out. Firstly, that massive Easter egg earlier in the season when Jay explains to Cate that they cannot use his doppelganger on Earth 1 because he is someone very different; name Hunter Zolomon. Hunter Zoloman is the name of Professor Zoom in the comics! Surely this is too much to ignore. Plus all the doppelgangers between the two Earths have had the same name so, as a matter of consistency, there is a character on Earth 2 called Hunter Zolomon and this character is Zoom.

There are some weaknesses here though, who is the guy in the cell in Zoom’s lair? He tries to say Jay Garrick. Now does this mean Jay Garrick is Zoom, or is he Jay Garrick? If he is Jay Garrick from Earth 1 then it would make sense that Earth 2 Jay Garrick could not find his doppelganger, only Hunter Zolomon. Then again, why would Hunter Zolomon take Jay Garrick from Earth 1? Take Hunter Zolomon and keep your identity secret surely. Maybe a cure for Jay Garrick’s loss of speed lies within Earth 1 Jay and Earth 2 Jay won’t find out he has a twin if he can’t find them both on Earth 1, but then why keep him alive? Plus why is killing Earth 2 Jay “problematic” as he states at the end of the reveal episode? Too many questions…

Thing is, other theories could explain these questions better, such as the multiple Earths and multiple Jays theory. There is evidence for this because there is going to be a Flash/Supergirl crossover (which will be cool) and is going to be set on another Earth, currently being pitched as a “wrong co-ordinates” situation and Flash ends up on the wrong Earth. Note here I also think will be the opportunity the writers will take to write Wally West as the Flash or Kid Flash on this Earth; its just too big an opportunity and character to miss and keep the Barry Allen Flash at the same time. So this would show there are other Earths that an evil Jay Garrick has visited to steal speed. This would mean that Zoom has found a way of travelling to other Earths before the event horizon created portals between Earths 1 and 2, which would make the ending of season 1 and premise of Season 2 quite redundant. But how does this explain the Hunter Zolomon reference and stay in-keeping with the comics?

Also, the time travelling evil Jay Garrick from future Earth 2 would explain why it is a problem that present day Earth 2 Jay Garrick has been killed; because it will affect his timeline. Although, time-travel played a big part in season 1 and I would expect the writers to want to branch out a little from this theme.

There are also many theories surrounding the identity of the man in the mask if it is not Jay Garrick. Could it be Eddie Thawne who went into the event horizon at the end of season one; this could bring back the Reverse-Flash; a fan favourite. By the same logic the whereabouts of Ronnie Raymond who just disappeared after the same event is still a mystery. Some have speculated it is another Barry Allen from another Earth…interesting. Keeping him alive but locked up though must be important to Zoom, so who can Zoom not allow to die but need to be kept quiet and hidden, this would fall back into the doppelganger theory and keeping his identity safe but why take Earth 1 Jay Garrick?

So that’s my two cents, there is plenty to come from the series, answering many questions we all still have, I do hope that there isn’t a time travelling/’Jay is running off to be Zoom’ element as we have been down that road last season. There are tremendous opportunities for the writers and I cannot wait to see how it turns out. What do you think will happen? Who is Zoom really? Are you looking forward to the Supergirl crossover? Everyone has an opinion and thanks for the read!zoomtheflash.png

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