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I can’t see Quicksilver in Civil War…and its not because he’s too fast!

Just wanted to give my two cents on a theory which is spreading over the comic-based internet regarding Captain America: Civil War. The theory goes that the man in the containment chamber, in the same room where we see Iron Man strike Captain America, who then flies backwards towards the camera position, is the fallen Avenger ,Quicksilver, from Avengers: Age of Ultron; portrayed by Aaron Taylor-Johnson. Now, for me I do not see enough evidence of this, it is an exciting theory but I need stronger evidence of his involvement before I can support the theory no matter how much I enjoyed the character, it’s just there is too much to suggest he won’t be taking part.

Firstly, the image is unclear, some have suggested you can see white, medium length hair, much like Quicksilver’s in AoU, and I can see what they mean but once you get the idea in your head you make images in your mind and perceive what you want or expect to see and this could be happening here so I cannot support the theory based on this one image.

Secondly, Quicksilver doesn’t have a particularly major role in the comics in regards to the Civil War story line, therefore he is not an essential character, fans are not going to be outraged if he does not make an appearance and bringing him back is an unnecessary complication so why do it?

The Avengers also at the end of AoU took Pietro’s body so how would he end up where we see him here? Unless this is an Avengers/SHIELD base it again presents another writing issue as to how, we presume, HYDRA managed to pull this body snatch.

Additionally, and most importantly, bringing back Quicksilver would be a major plot point, much like The Winter Soldier, and would likely take away from the focus of the movie as the ability to resurrect is surely a distraction from the tensions of Civil War. Unless this is the introduction of another Infinity Stone, which we have had no indication of thus far, but again this would be a major plot point; possibly the cause for the rift in the first place? Nonetheless, writing this in would convolute the story line in an already bursting-at-the-seems movie and would be an unlikely route for the Russo Brothers to take the plot. Aside from the mechanics of the writing and story arcs, the concept of “I thought he was dead but comes back later” has already been done, in the Cap movie series itself in fact, so I cannot see this idea being repeated too readily.

It would also be poor work from the editing guys at Marvel to give this away in the trailer if this indeed is Quicksilver; such a major plot point allowed to be revealed, beyond just mere speculation but visual suggestion if not evidence would certainly be poor from Marvel. So I am going to trust that they feel safe any such secret cannot be inferred from what they have chosen to reveal to us thus far and that this is not Quicksilver, at least not anything beyond mere speculation.

Furthermore, executively there are no plans to bring back Quicksilver, in the past Kevin Feige has said that Quicksilver is 100% dead in a Q&A with Redditor JonLuca and that there were no plans to bring him back any time soon. This suggests that Quicksilver will not be in Civil War, although does not rule out a role later on in the franchise.

I have two final points against this being Quicksilver in this movie, significantly, there are already too many characters, not just in this movie but, in the MCU moving forward. I have already insisted on how Marvel need to trim their roster for upcoming Avengers titles, but to add another character to the mix just compels the issue! Finally, the Avengers need to have a fear of mortality and a realisation for the audience that characters can die. It’s a running joke that comic book heroes never die, and that has been the case thus far in the MCU, but the movie’s will lose their appeal if there is no belief in the audience that the bad guys can win let alone that the good guys can die. Therefore, he needs to die and stay dead to give the movie’s some realism.

Saying this there are some indicators that Quicksilver could return if not in Civil War but in a future movie as I mentioned above, executive producer Kevin Feige says there are no plans amongst senior decision-makers to bring him back soon but his wording does not rule it out some time in the future.

Plus, it is rumoured that Aaron Taylor-Johnson is on a multi-picture deal and therefore is likely to be brought back at some point. It also means that even though there were no immediate plans for Quicksilver to enter Civil War, the nature of his contract could mean that he could be drafted in quite quickly so the chronology of Feige’s statement and subsequent decisions about the movie then becomes relevant.

In addition, Marvel/Disney notoriously do not like killing off their characters so it would not be a surprise to anyone if he turned up at some point, it could just be a matter of when!

Finally, people respond well to characters such as Quicksilver, notably his ability of super speed is popular amongst fans. An example would be the success of The Flash TV show and the corresponding character portrayed in the X-Men movie universe ,have both proven popular amongst fans, so there is a fan base for the character to return to.

In summary…I am not yet convinced about Quicksilver’s involvement and especially not from this shot in the trailer. Other possibilities have included The Winter Soldier, but he is in shot behind Cap and Iron Man, Baron Zemo because we don’t know how he will look, maybe Cross-Bones as this is a Hydra facility and he could have taken over the nature and duties of ‘the arm of HYDRA’ as was the Winter Soldier. Although, it could also be nobody particular, just a guy in a test tube in a dank and dark facility…who knows? But that is my two cents on the matter, hope it was of value to you. Do you think its Quicksilver? Will we see him again? Who do you think it is? Do you want more death in the MCU? Thanks for th read and give me your thoughts, its all a matter of perspective.

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One thought on “I can’t see Quicksilver in Civil War…and its not because he’s too fast!

  1. It’s possible that Pietro might be shown in (one of) the end-credit scene(s). I would like to see him in Infinity War, but I agree with you on the fact that they should have more characters actually dying. Coulson was killed by Loki, but he was brought back with Project T.A.H.I.T.I. Bucky fell off that snowy mountain, but he was brought back by Hydra. Nick Fury was supposedly dead but turned out to still be alive. So yeah, as much as I would love to see Quicksilver zoom around on the screen again, I know that far too many people have been brought back already.

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