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What Trajectory is the Flash heading? Not where I wanted…

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Well…it had been coming…and even if it is The Flash, with the way season two’s storyline has been playing out, it should have been easy to see where it was all going. I recently summarised all the weird and wonderful theories about how Jay Garrick and Zoom could possibly fit together in this DC TV Universe; or is it multiverse they’re calling it? Turns out it is going to follow one of the theories I really hoped it wouldn’t be. I ended my last post regarding the show hoping that Zoom’s origin would not stem from a singular character of Jay Garrick managing to be in two places at once, nor follow an idea that both Zoom and the Flash from Earth-2 are two parts of the same person who were separated through the use of Velocity 9. It seems we may have a little of both…(sigh).

Tuesday’s episode (22nd of March) followed the path of Trajectory; a rogue speedster intent on causing as much trouble as she possibly could, using the drug Velocity 9. It was obvious, given how this drug has played such a key part in the story arc of Jay Garrick, that Velocity 9 was going to be central to how all this played out…I guess I just wanted something a bit more than a drug addiction as being a ‘big bad’. Nevertheless, it could speak to social issues, not just of dangers of taking drugs and how it changes who we are, but the dangers of ambition and going too far.

So we already knew Zoom looks like Jay Garrick. What we learnt in last night’s episode is that Velocity 9 created a duality within a single person, as we saw with Trajectory, she heard voices and saw another person in the mirror. This means that Zoom and Jay Garrick can be two sides of the same coin because of Jay’s use of Velocity 9 which separated his personality into two distinct individuals. Arguably, there is a good and honest side and the other represents ambition and desire. In Trajectory we saw a good honest doctor and friend in Eliza Harmon but who was frustrated for being passed over for promotion, being underpaid and not being recognised for her work in helping people. The other side is just willing to take attention, take money and impact on people’s lives directly even in a bad way, taking what they desire. It also questions what really makes us the hero? Is it our morals and what principles we choose to live by; or is it our abilities and capacity to change the world? This is quite a common theme in DC comics, to reinforce the fact that being good is hard and being bad is easy, and it takes a lot to be a hero or be good when rewards seem so much simpler elsewhere. This is reinforced as she converses with herself, Trajectory criticises her for being ‘too much of a perfectionist’, and when she takes her final does of Velocity 9 she claims ‘that is all she needs’, trying to simplify her life to get what she wants even if it’s bad. This we shall undoubtedly see in the duality of Jay Garrick, with one side wanting to be the hero and be guided by morals but Zoom reflects his insecurity regarding speed and his desire to become faster. In the episode they discuss the possibility that Zoom needs the Flash’s speed to become ‘healthy’, I do not yet agree with this and I shall explain why later.

We also saw in last night’s episode that Velocity 9 changes the colour of the speed force lightning from yellow to blue. This screams out to the obvious similarities between Zoom and the effects of Velocity 9, therefore making this drug central to the origin of the character and consequently that the physical similarities between Jay Garrick and Zoom are related to the use of the drug. This means that the split personalities have most likely become entirely separate bodies and people, giving weight to the Velocity 9/Split person theory.

I stated previously that I do not believe Zoom needs the Flash’s speed in order to get healthy, this is because I think he needs to be re-joined with his other half. This would explain two issues we had in previous episodes; firstly, the man in the mask and secondly why killing Jay Garrick was a problem for Zoom. The man in the mask can now be explained as Jay Garrick’s doppelganger on Earth-1; Hunter Zolomon, and Zoom has him contained in case he is unable to merge with Jay Garrick again and in hope that he may be able to merge, and survive, with the Earth-1 equivalent. This then relates to why the killing of Jay, or his other half, is a problem because he has just ruled out any possibility of merging with his original self, therefore he now is forced to attempt to merge with Earth-1 Hunter Zolomon and presumably be the dominant psyche. This is subject to the chronology of when we were introduced to Earth-1 Hunter Zolomon and when we were introduced to the man in the mask, but it all seems to add up.

Of course, Trajectory disintegrated as soon as she took too much Velocity 9, but this was explained, indirectly, by Caitlin Snow as a risk because she did not have the speed force in her, which then sped up the process of cellular degeneration. Plus, I don’t think there will be a miraculous split personality disorder within Jay and he has been running off to be Zoom as was suggested at the end of the episode. Firstly, because we saw Jay Garrick get hand-stabbed and then we saw his dead body, separate to Zoom’s. Seconldy, this trick has already been played with Eobard Thawne/Harrison Wells and the Reverse Flash…so no repeats please.

Overall, I am a little disappointed but it was foreseeable and of course it can still work perfectly towards a grand finale for the season. So that is my two cents on one of my favourite shows, hope you guys find it of value but what do you think of this reveal? Did you see it coming? Were you hoping for something different like me? With the Supergirl crossover coming next Monday 28th, are you looking forward to these two heroes fighting side-by-side? My biggest question…Flash needs to get faster…he has apparently been struggling to hit Mach III, how will he get faster? What will be the key to him unlocking his true potential? Eobard Thawne is rumoured to help him…what will he do? Thanks for the read and let me know your thoughts, because…especially in this episode…heroism could be a matter of perspective.trajectory

Zoom, The Flash, Jay Garrick, Hunter Zolomon…there’s so many theories it’s hard to keep up!

The Flash Season 2 Episode 18: it get’s better and better, or faster and faster!


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