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When it comes to casting, Warner Bros are holding aces, not just a Joker

I have banged on about casting for several movies now and sadly I am going to do it again here, this is simply because when it comes to portraying characters that have such a following, such a history and iconic status, who dons the costume becomes absolutely critical! In light of the new Suicide Squad trailer I want to give you my perspective on the cast and what it means for the movie.

The main man himself, the clown prince of crime has to be the centre of attention for this movie and I am curious as to how he is going to fit into the movie plot itself as it does not appear he will be a member of the squad. In the parts of the trailer we have seen he seems very removed from their storyline so I think this will be the biggest hurdle for the character. I hope they can time him in well, but there could be an issue that if he does not really contribute to the plot, why include him, save to draw attention and a marketing pull? Jared Leto is the exact style of actor you want to play the Joker under these circumstances, after such a successful recent portrayal by Heath Ledger, he can bring something new to the character that we haven’t seen before. A youthful vibrancy and enthusiasm which removes itself away from what was so successful in Ledger’s character, and inject eccentricity that is moving closer to the character’s routes; meaning, he will be safe there. Therefore, my main concern with the Joker regards the plot and not the casting, but the casting has always been a hot topic and so it is worth addressing nonetheless.

Here comes my main concern with the casting in this movie…Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn. From what I am seeing and reading most people seem to love the idea, and obviously her appearance ticks all the boxes and she certainly does have an eccentric side to her, not as playfully violent as the comics or the animated series, but it does work. My main concern regards two factors and the first is her voice. I always think back to the Batman: Animated Series when I think of Harley Quinn and I thought it was brilliant how she was incredibly playful and eccentric but it seems this is not in-keeping with Warner Bros’ attempts to make this universe a little more…real. Therefore, I could understand if they dialled it back a notch or two, but they seem to have almost gotten rid of it entirely, which is tragic considering it is such a staple of the character. So I hope that there are more scenes where she taps into that a bit more but from what the trailers have shown, there definitely seems to be a movement away from the nature of the character I was hoping for.

The second issue I have relates to the first point I made, and that is about the Joker. These two have a very odd relationship, its ridiculous but still playful and entertaining. The way the characters seem to be being portrayed from what we have seen in the trailers, I am not sure how that relationship is going to work. This is because they seem to have removed that playful side from both the characters, at least to the limited extent we have seen, and so I have no idea how they are going to fit. I want to see their chemistry because there looks to be at least one scene where they are together and that will be fascinating. They were probably going to have to change the nature of the relationship because the Joker was quite abusive, although they may keep that as being relevant to the real-life nature of the character…who knows. These two are THE Batman villains and they are all important for this movie to succeed and for any future part they play in the franchise so how they iron this out will be essential.

My other, more minor concern, is Common playing a ‘Monster T’. It is rumoured that he may be playing the ‘big bad’ in this movie…’big’ because they are all bad. However, this could prove to be problematic, even though I do not know exactly what is going to be the nature of the character I assume the Suicide Squad is going to take down, it is still going to be relevant to the plot; extremely so. Admittedly the movie will be about how these characters interact in a scenario that is completely against their nature, but it is still important to audiences for there to be a bigger picture. Since Common has more limited acting experience and pedigree, in my mind, there is substantial ground to question why he has been cast to perform a surely pivotal plot role. He is not too inexperienced so it is not totally worrying but there is a question for him to answer and a doubt that he has to disprove, to me at least anyway. A similar point I would raise against Cara Delevingne, although stunning, she has never really had to act outside of a role that encompasses her more recognised job…as as model. She has even less experience but I am not expecting her to be essential to the plot and her makeup and costume will probably distract from any imperfect acting.

Finally, I want to point out some ideal casting by Warner Bros. something I have been critical of them for in the past. As previously mentioned, Jared Leto as the Joker is ideal, Viola Davis as Amanda Waller is just perfect; she’s strong, intellectual and authoritative; she was born for the role. I believe Jai Courtney as Captain Boomerang will work wonderfully, and Will Smith as Deadshot will be solid, but I have never really followed the character of Deadshot as he has a good story but never feels like he has enough to his character to really get attached to, so I am hoping Will Smith can bring something a bit more in his portrayal to make me really like the character; taking him over and above just a solid casting choice.

Well that’s my two cents on the matter of casting in the Suicide Squad and especially from what we have seen in the trailers so far, I hope it was of value to you. Let me know your opinion, do you like Jared Leto as the Joker, Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn, do you have any concerns about the casting or the movie itself? Thanks for the read and I look forward to your perspective.



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