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No more Captain America for Infinity Wars?

There have been several reports of interviews and private conversations with various people, including the Russo Brothers who are directing the final instalments of the Avengers franchise; Infinity Wars, that Chris Evan’s Steve Rogers will no longer be the franchise’s Captain America. What does this even mean though?

I would say at this point that it does not mean they are getting rid of the Captain America character nor do I believe they are getting rid of Chris Evans, even though there are several reports saying that his multi-picture deal with Marvel may expire before the second of the two-part finale of Infinity Wars. Nevertheless, if we assume that this is true and not just a drop of information aimed to snowball into rumour and anticipation by the powers that be, then there has to be something to it, right?

Chris Evans as Steve Rogers/Captain America has rapidly become a fan favourite of the Marvel cinematic universe and I am convinced he still has a huge role to play in the final movies of this phase in the shared movie Universe. Some have speculated that he will become ‘Nomad’, the hero without a country. This concept may be touched upon, but to introduce him as having a whole new purpose and identity would require almost a whole new movie to do well and I just cannot see them wasting time with it so a passing name drop to news footage may be the most we will get here regarding any mention of the man without a country.

There is also a problem that if Steve Rogers is not the MCU’s Captain America any more then who is? I think many fans wanted to see Bucky take up the shield at some point during the Captain America: Civil War movie, I personally wanted to see Steve Rogers get badly injured, to be taken to Doctor Strange in a post-credits scene, and Bucky to prepare to take up the role in a later movie. Despite falling short, I was totally satisfied during the double team Buck and Cap pulled on Iron Man so…I’m good. However, the end and post credit scene suggests that won’t be happening any time soon as Bucky is back on ice in Wakanda. There is also the alternative issue for Sebastian Stan is that it has been long reported he signed a six picture deal with Marvel and therefore there are still three movies outstanding on this contract. He is in Wakanda and could well appear in the Black Panther movie, and then comfortably come back in for Infinity Wars. If this is true he could be the new Captain America, but he ended the movie on the wrong side of Iron Man and the wrong side of the Sokovia Accords so there would have to be a lot happening between now and the end credits of Black Panther at earliest before we could imagine him becoming so central a character.

The obvious choice, with a nod to the comics, would be Sam Wilson or Falcon, but he has also just escaped, with the help of Steve Rogers, from the Raft prison and, again, is on the wrong side of the Sokovia Accords so neither of these two choices are really viable. It is not as if they could play the role in the shadows either because the shield is presumably with Tony Stark and the government, so handing over the mantle is unlikely to happen by anyone other than Stark.

What I think will happen? There just will not be a Captain America for the first Infinity War movie. I have written previously about how Marvel are risking having a cast and cost problem with the character choice headache they are about to face for the final Avengers instalments. Previously, I was assured the Guardians of the Galaxy will not be appearing in the Infinity Wars sage, but they have now been all but confirmed to turn up so this problem is now back on the table. However, with how Civil War ended, Steve Rogers sending Tony Stark a phone for when he needs his help, I presume this means his whole anti-Accords team, which therefore removes half of the Avengers roster before the movie even begins. This means that at this present time there is no longer a Captain America but I would predict there will be by the time Part 2 comes around. That is just my two cents on the future of Captain America, but what do you think? Will Cap be gone for good? Will someone unexpected take up the shield? Will Nomad even make an appearance? Let me know your thoughts?


One thought on “No more Captain America for Infinity Wars?

  1. You are saying its gonna be a problem that half of the Avengers are on the wrong side of the accords. But in the comics, Steve forms the Secret Avengers. I think we will be seeing some of that. As for who will be the next Captian America, I heard an interesting theory on the NerdSync podcast that Phil Coulson might take on the mantle. Let me know if you want a link. 🙂

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