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Flash Season 3: what direction are they running?

The opening to this season of the Flash has been exceptional. The Flash has turned into one of the most popular shows on TV but that is not going to the heads of the guys at CW. In fact they have taken it up a notch with their adaptation of the Flashpoint comics series in the first two episodes of the new season. But what will come next? This is where we like to speculate about where stories may lead and where character arcs may follow. So here are a few of my ideas and hopes for Season Three of…The Flash.

Firstly, it has to be the villain. The villain’s have been strong thus far in this superhero show, with the Reverse-Flash and Zoom presenting real personal and physical challenges to Barry Allen that he has to understand and then overcome. The Reverse-Flash being my personal fave as he represented a great evil in Barry’s life and personal history which Barry had to learn and understand before he knew what he really had to do, which was not change history…at that point anyway. Zoom I thought was brilliant, however, they rushed him into a climax involving a crisis on two earths storyline, which seemed out of place if you have seen the animated movie, and wasn’t the strength of the rapport between Hunter Zolomon and Barry Allen. I really wanted to see Zoom push Barry to show him that they “are the same” and he would be “just like me”. To challenge Barry to not become that ‘evil’, even when Zoom was taking everything from him would have been a fantastic personal battle to finish on. Although the final episode was good and Barry showed that you don’t have to be prepared to kill to get what you want, but he was prepared to die for the ones he cared about and this does, in part, reflect my point, I wanted this battle to be far more personal than how it was portrayed and the destroying the multiverse was a bit out of character for Zoom, implausible for him to think of or do at the time and felt rushed and distant from the strength of the character that had built through the season up until that point.

It would seem that Dr Alchemy is going to be the primary antagonist for the Flash this season, which is interesting as he is not known for having any superhuman abilities and thus far has been suggested to be responsible for granting individuals powers who had them in another timeline. This is confusing, however, I would suspect it is not just him that is causing these problems for the Flash. I cannot see how he would have any connection to the timelines Barry has created, but he could grant powers through chemistry and alchemy to those who are genetically and “historically” predisposed to them. So, with this problem in mind I would guess there is some time travelling/manipulating individual or tech involved, especially since the time lords are apparently no more and could be a reason for a Legends of Tomorrow crossover or Easter egg, so I believe that Dr Alchemy will likely be linked with this show in some way yet to be revealed. Whatever it may be, the mystery surrounding him and his identity is good but nothing new. Whilst we did not know much about Zoom in the previous season, his eventual reveal was astounding and his identity was a great mystery we enjoyed speculating on for months. However, I am worried that once again we could get a reveal that is going to be revolving around a misdirection and lies, which is a bit of a broken record. Namely, Tom Felton, whose new character who could be brilliant as a challenge to Barry Allen as a forensic examiner, could end up as Dr Alchemy and at this point I would be disappointed by that. If he is, I would prefer them to reveal it early and play out a “hiding in plain sight” storyline. He is a new character that is just introduced, he will be working with chemicals all day, will be developing a personal relationship with Barry Allen and has access to Meta-Human genetic material and evidence for any experimentation. So there are a lot of boxes to be ticked for him to be the mysterious Dr Alchemy, but I am hoping for something different in this season and Julian Albert is more interesting than Dr Alchemy. This also includes a Julian Albert twin who is Dr Alchemy, something that would be a nod to the comics.

Next, is that obviously people are going to be changing. We got a glimpse of Caitlin Snow seemingly gaining the powers of Killer Frost, where this may go I am not sure, will she turn evil? It’s not clear, but I hope they do not lose her as a character she has been fun and provides great balance and sensibility to the team. However, if she keeps her powers it will be becoming a bit crowded with all these heroes kicking about in Star Labs, if the Flash and Vibe team up occasionally and then there is a Killer Frost who is willing to do good then the show isn’t really going to be The Flash any more but a kind of Justice Society itself. I also believe that this could lead to a different dynamic between the Flash and the primary villain if we assume this is Dr Alchemy. This is based on the assumption that he can grant powers to those who are predisposed to them, this would mean that he can then become a character comparable to Rumpelstiltskin. What I mean by this is I can see Caitlin Snow wanting to desperately remove her powers and Dr Alchemy can offer a way but at a price. I think this can also be explored with regard to Wally West as it was suggested through the camera shots of episode two that he may be getting his Kid Flash powers back and this calls into question as to why this might happen. He has often been shown to want to prove himself, and if he finds out he was a speedster able to help then he may feel that is his calling but, again, at what cost. As the Rival was granted his wish of his speed at the cost of killing the Flash, his failure resulted in his death, which gives some weight to this operation of a bargaining character. Barry could find himself losing his friends and support out of their own free will because of the generosity of his enemy, a totally new direction which would be exciting and could form the basis for the entire season.

The final point I am looking forward to is the cross overs, with Supergirl in the mix it now opens up an even greater range of characters and superheroes that could pop in and out of all the CW’s shows. There is apparently going to be a four episode, four show crossover taking place around episode 8 of each show and this is a source of great excitement and I cannot wait to see how they do this. There is also speculation that Jesse ‘Quick’ Wells, and her father will be returning to the show and that Jesse Quick will have the super speed her comic book namesake has, which could also motivate Wally to get his speed as he was hit with the same dark energy blast, and will help Barry fight crime in Central City for a time. How the shows handles these characters and balances the episodes will be intriguing and something to really look forward to.

So that is my two cents as to what may become central in season 3 of the Flash, with the importance of the bad guy, how the Flash and his team may be challenged by him as well as how I look forward to the crossovers and new heroes that may enter into the show and help Barry from time to time. What are you looking forward to most? What do you make of the prospect of Dr Alchemy as the main villain, if he is that? Who do you think he is? Does this make a nice change? How do you think he will challenge the Flash team? Let me know what you think, happy watching.



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