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The Flash: Savitar kills Iris West! Wells takes her place…but which one?

Savitar doesn’t kill Iris!

Savitar doesn’t kill Iris…but in the words of Cisco, “I am 92% sure” he doesn’t kill Iris. Everybody seems to believe that there has been a face swap between Iris and HR Wells, which has become the prevailing theory as to how Iris actually survives, but I think different.

First things first, the writers clearly and deliberately brought the face altering technology back into the plot with Barry using it to disguise himself as Lyla whilst trying to infiltrate A.R.G.U.S. Most people already remember it and have had it down as a device for the team to use in order to misdirect Savitar in the final episodes. If we assume that this is not a misdirect in itself then indeed someone is pretending to be Iris and we need to work out who.

The scene of Joe and Iris on Earth two confessing personal misdemeanours is a key indicator here as this gives us a rough timeline as to when this switch could have occurred as they both have secrets to tell that they only personally could know so the switch must have occurred after they danced and sang but before Savitar took “Iris”. They had prior warning as Harrison Wells of Earth 2 knew that Savitar was coming and it would make sense that, as a last resort, there would be a face swap as the final contingency plan. But I do not think it will be so simple as a simple switch. I believe the footage from episode 22 suggests a three way face swap and a random one it is too.

  1. Iris looks and sounds (something they brought in with this episode in addition to just facial transmogrification) like Joe West.

2. Joe West looks and sounds like Harrison Wells of Earth 2

3. Earth 2 Harrison Wells looks and sounds like Iris West.

Therefore, this episode suggests that Earth 2 Harrison Wells is “Iris” that is dying

Why? Firstly, the actions of Earth 2 “Harrison Wells”; having a gun tucked in the back of their trouser line, that is way more cop than scientist in my mind. Plus, Harrison Wells probably wouldn’t have too many guns lying around anyway, fancy sciency weapons is more his shindig. Also, his first thought after Iris is taken is to run to Wally, which is a very fatherly thing to do.

Conversely, “Joe” does not go to Wally’s beaten body and although is frozen, he does not act like somebody who has just lost everything but more like someone who is scared and confused like I would expect Iris to be after others seem to be getting hurt in her place. Furthermore, in the scene where Iris is stabbed Joe makes no attempt to save her life, he has a shot the whole time and once he knows that Barry cannot help he would do everything to save her. I also would expect real Joe to take a shot even if Earth 2 Harrison Wells was playing Iris, because he is a cop and to protect is his instinct, but it does not come naturally to Iris. I also believe there is some very good acting here by Jesse L. Martin as he curls up in a very fragile and quite feminine position which I believe suggests “Joe” is in fact Iris.

This theory that Earth 2 Harry Wells is to die in this episode doesn’t quite carry the same gravitas as almost any other character but just seems to fit the chronology better. But what do you think, who do you think is playing Iris, if indeed she is being played by anyone at all? Could she actually be dead and the face transmogrification technology was just a misdirect?

A Quick note, I am super excited to see how team flash is going to defeat Savitar in the final episode. We know that if Iris is actually dead the only other way to defeat him would be to ensure that he never comes into being. So Barry would have to face him without creating time remnants. However, I still think he is going to need somewhat of an army to beat him. Expected participants in the final episode do not appear to extend much beyond team flash, but I love that in the trailer we are shown the reverse flash suit with a question as to “what must I become”, which will be a key, if not the key, question of the episode. I would love to see a reverse flash team up and all the speedsters combine to try and defeat Savitar. The Flash, Reverse-Flash, Kid Flash, Jesse Quick (especially if her dad is dead, and Savitar said she had great plans for her, ironic if she is the one who ends him) Jay Garrick, Black Flash maybe? Especially as Barry Allen outrunning death (Black Flash) is quite a famous storyline, if they don’t do it or at least suggest it here I am not sure how they will bring it in later. There were also photos circling the internet suggesting that Gypsy may come back into it, especially as she has shown an ability to cut speedsters off from the speedforce which again is plausible. I also cannot see Killer Frost staying evil or at least committed to Savitar to the very end so she will help or at least not help Savitar. The final brilliance of something like this, apart from its awesomeness is that it could bring the Reverse-Flash back into the universe and consequently make him available for use in future seasons. Let me know what you think, and how Team Flash will defeat Savitar.


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